1. Mary Anderson married Harold Victor Bush in 1918 at Kurri Kurri, NSW (Source: NSW Registration No 5087 / 1918). She was one of eight children born to Charles Anderson and Agnes Lawless who married at Bungendore, NSW on 3 October 1887. Charles is believed to have been born in Norway and arrived in Australia c. 1860, aged 4 years and died in Cessnock, NSW, 18 May 1934.

    Descendants of Charles A Anderson
    1 Charles A Anderson born abt.1864 in Bergen, Norway d: 18 May 1934 in District Hospital, Cessnock, NSW®
    +Agnes Lawless born: 20 May 1866 in Burra via Cooma, NSW® m: 3 October 1887 in Roman Catholic Church, Bungendore, NSW d: 7 November 1935 in Kurri Kurri, NSW
    2 Edward William Anderson Born: 12 October 1887 in Bungendore, NSW d: 12 June 1917 in Bulford, England
    +Clarice E Nattrass m: 30 March 1910 in Kurri Kurri, NSW
    2 Charles Alexander Anderson Born: 20 October 1889 in Captains Flate, Bungendore, NSW d: 5 November 1941 in Kurri Kurri, NSW
    +Elsie Nichols m: 1911 in Kurri Kurri, NSW
    2 Oscar Emanuel Anderson Born: 29 December 1891 in Mount Kembla, Woolongong, NSW d: 26 February 1973 in Kurri Kurri, NSW
    +Clarice O’Brien m: 1923 in Kurri Kurri, NSW d:15 July 1991
    2 Conrad Victor Anderson Born: 12 December 1893 in Mount Kembla, Woolongong, NSW
    +Ivy M Deames m: 1920 in Wickham, NSW d: 1 April 1970
    2 Alma Agnes Anderson Born: 7 June 1896 in Mount Kembla, Woolongong, NSW
    +William J Davies m: 1920 in Kurri Kurri, NSW
    2 Albert Leonard Anderson Born: 26 May 1898 in Stockton, NSW
    +Doris I Hume m: 1920 in Kurri Kurri, NSW
    2 Albert J Anderson Born: 1899 in Stickton, NSW d: 1899 in Stockton, NSW
    2 Mary Anderson Born: 3 January 1901 in Stockton, NSW © d: 12 December 1967 in District Hospital, Kurri Kurri, NSW
    +Harold “Darlie” Victor Bush Born: 18 June 1895 in Denman, NSW © m: 26 June 1918 in The Methodist Parsonage, Kurri Kurri , NSW d: 2 December 1976 in Kurri Kurri, NSW©
  2. Elizabeth F Anderson married Harry R C Brindle in 1916 at Muswellbrook, NS (Source: NSW Registration No. 7835 / 1916.
  3. Ellen Anderson married Albert C V Fitzsimmons in 1923 at Greta, NSW (Source: NSW Registration No. 16870 / 1923)
  4. Emil C Anderson married Elsie M Beh in 1914 at Murwillumbah (Source: NSW Registration No. 17062 1914)
  5. Evelyn Anderson married Joseph James Walshe in Denniston, New Zealand
  6. Jean Anderson married Jim Guest C.1915 in New Zealand
  7. Judith Mary Anderson married Bruce Edward Soper at Paterson, NSW on 6 January 1973
  8. Keith Ogilvie Anderson married Thelma Phyllis Pont c. 1928 New South Wales
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